What is the mistake in a failed healing?

There many answers to this. Here we will deal with one possibility.

In all manifestation, including manifesting healing, for magical events there are two things that must be in play, giving and receiving. When there is a giving and a receiving, there is a gift, grace.

The Kabbalah calls this gender. There is to be the masculine, doer, and the feminine, receiver. Both must be included in the magical manifestation of healing.

In the Bible this principle appears in the thanksgiving. All things are to be received with thanksgiving. There is the doing, call it maybe the prayer of thanksgiving. And there is the receiving mode, call it the witness of divine intervention mode. The masculine and feminine is combined.

In runic philosophy there is the principle of Gebo. There is one side that is giving, doing, and the other side that is receiving, masculine and feminine combined. There is the gift.

The healer, as an individual, is not just doing something, call it healing. There must also be the receiving of something, call it the witnessing. When the healer is obsessed in the doing, he can not witness it. He is not giving and receiving. There is in him no combined male and female, and the manifestation is broken.

The patient has a part too. The patient may be trying to mentally heal the issue. When that becomes his obsession, then there is just the masculine doing, while the feminine side is absent, the manifestation is broken.

[I guess the patient can just look to receive and not do anything and the problem persisted because balance is broken.]

Coming to a healer like me, is a doing. Stop trying to heal and observe the receiving. In autogenics this is called passive observation. That is combining the genders and opening the door to healing manifestation.

In hypnosis if the hypnotist tells you to relax and you keep trying to relax you have stress about not relaxing and it never happens. You are just doing and not receiving. You need to add the feminine and just receive, stop trying. Passive observation.

It is the same in healing. Be a doer, yes, but also be a receiver.

The balancing of the masculine and feminine is an answer to many if not most healing failures. Do not just fight the problem, masculine. Receive healing, health, vitality, etc. Passive concentration mind set. Combine the masculine and the feminine in the magical healing event.

It is that simple. It is that hard.

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