WEEKLY RUNE ENERGIES FORECAST. — Sept. 28, 2014 < Three runes were drawn. The primary rune was the r-rune. The first secondary rune was a reversed m-rune. The last rune was an el-rune. The primary R indicates that the most efficient way to proceed this week could be on established roads and traditional pathways. This week it may be best not to chart a new course or use non traditional methods. Development can happen. However, we are talking about how we get from here to there. Sometimes it is best to get back to basics. This may be a week for that. The reversed m-rune relates well to this. The r-rune or raido is were we get our word ride. It is often used of riding in a horse drawn wagon. The m-rune is associated with the e-rune, which respectively is man and horse, horse and rider. The m though in the lay is reversed. The man is not the rider or pilot. He is the taken. (That is not in a negative sense here.) If you chart your own course this week, you are trying to be the rider, and you may run into problems. It may be a time to just get in the wagon and be taken. As an old adage may say of this week, "Just ride the boat until it docks." Or another way we hear that today, "Please remain in your seat until the plane reaches the terminal." This in that sense is a week of the "Thing", the regular assembly of the people in the old Germanic and Nordic clans to make judgements and laws. It may be a week not to be a leader but get back to the tradition of the "Thing". Once again it may not be best to be the rider but turn your M in reverse and listen to the voice of the "Thing". Group decisions may be preferred this week over individual decisions. And the last rune is the el-rune. The inscribing of this rune resembles the ancient prayer posture of hands raised to heaven. They believed that when their hands were raised they acted like antennas connecting them with spiritual powers and filling them with spiritual energies. When you are not riding-piloting this week, you may be able to recharge you batteries, as it were. Recreation is re-creation. This may be the week to re-power yourself for when you become the rider again. Check out now the page please on rune magic, because as you can imagine there is more info there Please read now the saying near my donate button. Thank you in advance. Because I strive to help my readers, help me spread light ... by now telling others please about this site. REMEMBER THE WORLDWIDE RUNE HEALING SESSION IS COMING SOON. SCROLL DOWN IN THE ARTICLES FOR DETAILS. I hope the new moon experiment is going good for,you. Remember every morning and evening to read the listed desires and the just say "thank you". Thank you.

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