Three runes were drawn. The primary rune was the d-rune. The two secondary runes were the m-rune and a reversed u-rune.

The d-rune is one of the hardest of runes to understand. It means day but more specifically it is twilight and dusk, the point where night and day kiss. It is only a kiss because light dispels dark and dark flees light. Twilight is dusk; dusk is twilight; all is just a matter of your vantage point.

This is the essence of Odin’s paradox. It is often said the opposites attract, but here opposites repel and become one in the millisecond of absolute dusk and twilight. The opposites are not opposite but morph into one that can not be, the day-night, the night-day, the not night, the not day in a world where there is only either night or day.

Here we see the man and the woman come together into a oneness that is and can not be and produce the dayspring that is the child, the hopes and dreams. In that sacred union there is not the man and the woman. Rather there is wordless oneness.

This is a week to embrace your hopes and dreams that cannot be and receive the gift that will be.

The m-rune is the rune of the self. In this lay’s context it is the androgyny of the perfect human. The two sides of every person, the male and female in the self. Whether you are in this life male or female, you are both and that can not be but is.

Be yourself this week. That is be the self that cannot be but is. Spend a week in the dawn of your being.

The reversed u-rune says here the wild untamed bull is what he is. The great archetypal symbol of power is that power in a time when there is no power. The ancient aurochs was never to be tamed and is domesticated.

This week be all you can be by living the week as in the millisecond of being who you can not be.

For that which we are about to receive be thankful.

This reading of the week may be true internationally, nationally, and individually.

See now the page please on rune magic, because imagine there is more info.

Also thank you for visiting my pages on various healings and readings.

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