How does using cards open blocks?

I had a lady sit for a reading. She was interactive during the reading, always a plus.

We came to a card, the nine of coins. On the card a woman holds the bird in the manner of falconry. This particular deck has the bird open mouth looking at the woman who is looking at the bird. So, I asked questions from that.

“What is happening now?”

“She is talking to the bird?” she responded.

“That is a good way to look at that. What are they saying?”

“I do not know.”

“Well make something up.” I asked again. “What are they saying?”

She looked at the cards. “There are other birds flying around. The bird is asking to leave. It wants to be let go.”

I shifted and said, “Really … ” I looked her in the eyes, “What are you holding onto that you should let go?”

At that point the things she was inordinately holding onto from her past fell out on the table.

When she got through telling me, I asked, “What should you do about that?”

“Let it go.” she said, looking at the card.

“What are you going to do?”

“Let it go.”

Those things that had been a problem for her lifted like a weight taken off her spirit. That which she could not see, she revealed to herself.

Like Carl Jung used the cards, once someone associates with archetypal symbols in the card, blocks get out of the way. Then the seekers see the truth that they deep inside of themselves always knew. They solve their own problems.

I told her nothing. More powerfully she told herself.

The reader does not have to be smart or a psychic to give a good helpful read. It is just ask the questions that directs the person into the symbols. Then witness the result.

I am here to help you. Some people go to far places like Brazil to find a healer. That is very expensive. I am here is San Antonio, TX for you.

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