What is Urine Therapy?

Urine therapy is an alternative medicinal therapy.  Yes, we are talking about what you think we are talking about.  It goes by several names, urine therapy, urotherapy, urinotherapy, uropathy, or auto-urine therapy.  All these reference various uses of human urine for medicinal (or cosmetic) purposes, including drinking of one’s own urine,
urine therapy

topical application on one’s skin, or gums.  Notice it is always done with one’s own urine.


Urine therapy through the centuries has been used as a very effective healing modality.  Sometimes when all other therapies have proved useless or ineffective, urine therapy has turned out to be the healing answer that worked.  We will look at some of the possible reasons why this may work for you.  This is a practice that is discussed and used by many holistic practitioners.


This may not be as crazy as it sounds. Is has a long history of use.  Most practices that stay round for that long are of some measurable  benefit.  One time I googled “what is urine therapy”,


and for that there was over 2.3 million hits on places to learn about it.  I have been told that it has been rediscovered by many new agers and is widely practiced in the west.  Primitive cultures and more indiginous cultures use it.  Gandhi


used it, especially during fasting.   


I know what you are saying.  Yum. Yum.  But when we are doing things for medicinal purposes, it is not about liking to do it.  It is about the end game.  


When I first started thinking about urine therapy as a research project, I mentioned it to a friend, expecting get revolution or laughter.  She with a out a flinching told me that she had an tia (aunt) in Mexico who was dying of cancer.  


The doctors had told her to get her affairs in order, there was nothing else for her.


She heard about urine therapy.  When she used it, she reversed and recovered from cancer, and her only therapy at that time was drinking her own urine.  


Will it work for all cancer?  I can not say that.  Should it be your first choice?  I am not writing to make choices for you.  I am just saying this might be an option to consider for disease and other maladies.  


So, it is from this starting point that we will look at urine therapy.  

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