Is turmeric as effective as some say?   Is it the most effective nutritional supplement known.

Many high quality studies show that it has major benefits for your body and brain. 

A. Turmeric Contains Compounds With Powerful Medicinal Properties


You might have noticed turmeric in cooking, especially Indian foods, like curry.  Through the centuries it has been used in cooking.  But it also has been used a herbal supplement remedy.

Recently, places like M.D. Anderson Hospital are starting to discover what the Indians have known for a long time.  There is something to its medical application.  Now in the general grocery stores I have seen turmeric/curcumin pills for minor pain relief.  These are even FDA approved.  It does have many properties like aspirin.  

The scientist call the medicinal parts of turmeric curcuminoids.. Both antioxidant and anti inflammatory curcumin turmeric has power to heal and relieve pain.

Your body  does not absorb well into the bloodstream curcumin. So some scientist suggest that  you take it with a little black pepper, which contains piperine.  This is a natural herb that increased curcumin assimilation some say up to 2000%.

You might do this pepper ingestion by popping a few whole peppercorns when you take your turmeric.  That is not so bad as drinking ground black pepper in some liquid.  Should work well.

Curcumin is what is called fat soluble.  That would lead some to think that it would also be helpful to take your turmeric with some fatty food.

More info in a future blog.  Check back.

Part 2 coming soon.





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