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Visualization Therapy


I watched a Gregg Braden

greg braden

video about a less than 5 minute reversal of bladder cancer.  It was amazing to watch by ultrasound this happen in real time.  This was recorded at the Medicineless Hospital in Beijing.  


One of the points that Mr. Braden emphasised about this event was that it was done without the healers trying to heal.  In fact they were visualizing a healthy woman on the table in front of them.  They were not fighting the cancer.  I encourage you to look up this rapid healing event on youtube if it is still up.  [Remember what you resist persists.]


There is a maxim of Solomon that says, “As a man thinketh in his heart so is he.”  We are not talking about wishing for something someday.  We are talking as visualizing something as being in the now.  


Over fifty years ago Dr. Joseph Murphy


talked about this healing therapy.  It worked then for many, and it can today also work for many.


Contrary to popular belief the best way to use visualization for health is not to use it for healing.  The first time you read that it might make your head spin.  If you are visualizing healing, you have to have something to be healing from.  You are visualizing the problem being in your life.


What are you doing?


You are on the primal level visualizing that you are sick.  “As a man thinketh in his heart so is he.”  You are demanding mentally that you be sick so you can be healing it with visualization.  


The goal is not to be healing but to be in health.  That is where your visualization should be, focused on the goal and not the supposed means.  


In a parallel situation I have people come to me wanting to know how to bring the one they “love” into their life.  


I quickly and kindly tell the person that it is not the other person that they want.  Some get really mad when I tell them this.  What they really want is how they think they would feel if they had that person in their life.  That other person is a means to an end.   They should be looking for that goal and not the means.  

love means

Often we are looking for something that is good, say here health.  However we are not asking to have that good thing.  We are rather asking for the means of getting there to come into our life.  This is so often why we do not have our prayers answered.  It is because we are asking for the wrong thing.  As the Bible say we ask amiss.  


In the love situation I show the person how to feel what they really want and let the universe/God/angels work it out in whatever means they want.  That will be the best way to reach that goal.  


I heard an interview with a woman who wanted to marry a particular movie star.  She commented later to the interviewer that after 6 month you find out that the movie star is just another man.  She had an image of what life would be like with this man.  And that was her dream and not the reality of life with that star.  


Follow the dream and not some supposed means to achieve that goal.  Allow the dream to come into your life and do not get in the way of the dream by imposing on the universe some supposed means to the goal.  


[If the universe decides that that particular man is part of the goal for you, so be it.  But dream the goal and not the means.]


I remember in a religious organization that there was a prominent leader that developed cancer.  Churches all around the country where praying for God to direct the doctors.  


They were visualizing the doctors being “inspired” practitioners of modern medicine.  


Those of us who practice alternative healing [and now science is beginning to agree] know that in some cases modern medicine is not the correct means for  achieving health, which is the real goal.  In fact in some cases the supposed means of modern medicine is detrimental to the health goal.  [E.g., side effects]


In biblical terms the churches were leaning on a broken reed in the case of that leader.  He died rather quickly from the treatments.  The means that they supposed to be correct for the problem was not the reality in that situation for the way to achieve the goal.  


Do not concentrate on visualization for healing.  It is not the means that is important.  It is the goal.  


In the case of the 5 minute reversal of cancer, the healers and the patient were visualizing health and not healing.  They were not visualizing a diseased body that they were healing, rather a healthy body.  That is a subtle distinction but a crucial one.  


One writer wrote of a man that was invalided in bed.  He could not get up and move around, bedridden.  As he lay there, he did not think about healing.  However, being bored with the situation, he imagined himself walking around and living a normal life.  The mind game gave him some comfort as he felt the joy of a normal life of mobility.  He did not know it, but he was visualizing health.


One morning, before he woke up, the phone began to ring.  Half asleep he awoke, got up, walked across the room, and answered the phone.  When he was in a situation of not thinking about his problem, when he was in the mind visualization health, he transformed into a healthy individual.  


It took awhile for the visualization to kick in.  But when he was absorbed into the vision of health and how that would feel health returned.  


A point needs emphasis here.  He visualized, and he felt.  Gregg Braden in his comparative investigation of world religions and philosophies has come to the conclusion that feeling is the prayer.  In your visualization you should involve to the best of your ability all of your senses.  


There was a lady who was taking modern medical treatments for an issue that was considered incurable by the doctors.  She did not know what to do but kept going to the medical establishment.  The doctors had told her that they were going to keep treating her, but there was no hope.  


She decided that she was going to surprise the doctors.  Her goal was health.  She began to visualize the doctor coming into the room and telling her that she had fully recovered.  She looked at the surprise on his face.  She felt how she would feel when she surprised everybody.  


The doctors treatments were by their own words in effect hope against hope.  Soon she noticed changes, and when she returned to the doctor, there in fact was improvement in her condition.  In time she recovered.  


What seems to have worked for this woman was visualization.  The doctor wrote it off as spontaneous remission.  She sat in the room listening.  With a smile she knew that she had visualized with feeling it to be so.  As a man thinketh in his heart so is he.  


The reason for many that visualization does not work is because they are visualizing the wrong things.  Visualize the goal and things related to that goal achieved.  In our first case the visualization was of a life of normal movement.  In the second case it was the reaction of the doctor to the achieved goal that was visualized.  Neither of these two situations visualized healing.  It was visualizing health and health related situations.  


And always remember not to just vision it.  Feel it.  Feel it in the now. Feeling is the prayer.  


Visualization is too simple of a healing therapy to be true, but it is.  

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