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Urine Therapy


I have written a book on this subject.  So you may want to check that out for more details.  


That is right I am talking about urine as a therapy.  There is 5,000 years of writing on this subject, especially in India.  And there is even a biblical reference to this practice.  “Drink water for your own cistern.”   

urine therapy

You are thinking that this stuff is waste product.  It is not; the modern science on the subject of urine calls it plasma ultrafiltrate.  Some of leading research facilities are universities, like the University of Alberta.  

university of alberta medical

Surprising to most, you will find that urine byproducts are used in not a few of the pharmaceuticals you will buy over the counter and by prescription.  

urine medicine

What happens is when you body has too much fluid it is passed out in the form of urine.  And as that excretes it also contains many enzymes and proteins that your body has made to deal with problems that you are having in your body.  These are even problems that you may not know are going on.  


What about waste material?  Remember the researchers call this plasma ultrafiltrate.  The body has filtered that.  The urine has been filtered at least two times and most often three times.  It is filtered in the spleen, liver, and kidneys.  It would be strange to think that the urine is filtered and then that which was filtered out is put back in it.  That which is filtered is moved into the bowels and eliminated with the solid waste.  


The only toxins that are left in the urine are at best homeopathic.  And modern research shows that if ingested on that level the digestive processes alters them, and they become beneficial in the digestion of proteins.  


The two major exceptions to this follow.  If you have a bladder or kidney infection, that is introduced into the urine after the filtering process.  If the urine is cloudy, do not ingest it.  The other possible problem is if you are taking pharmaceuticals, because that might in some rare cases cause a drug overdose.  The drugs are not natural and sometimes do not filter out like natural material.  


Every person is an individual, and no two urines sample are exactly the same in content.  The body is producing proteins, hormones, and such for what is happening in that body at that time.  The urine is also altered by what you have recently eaten.  


Some people talk about using another people’s urine.  While I am not objecting to that on the basis that you might think, I would say that is not what you might want to do.  Your urine is manufactured for you, and the byproducts in it was produced to deal with your situation.  As the Bible says, “Drink waters from your OWN cistern.”  So the urine of another person might not have that which nature has tailored specifically for you and what you need.  


Urine therapy has been used internally and externally in ayurveda, Indian traditional healing, for over 5,000 years.  When Cortez was fighting in the conquest of the Aztec Empire, the native woman who helped them used urine soaked bandages to dress the wounds of the injured.  It has antiseptic qualities.  For another example some of the eardrops that you buy are prepared with urine byproducts.  And many fashion models add a little urine to their facial creams to keep their skin young and healthy.  


If you are having a sickness in your body, it produces proteins, antibodies, and such to naturally deal with it.  If you ingest your urine, you are reintroducing those natural substances to boost your natural prescription for healing.  Many have reported amazing healing from terrible problems.


One of the most interesting ones that I have heard of was the use of urine and cancer.   


I had was talking to a friend shortly after I had started my book of urine.  While I was expecting her to recoil in horror, she said that her aunt in Mexico was diagnosed with stage four cancer and told by the doctors that she was going to die.  


This lady heard about drinking urine for health and started urine therapy on her own.  Her cancer disappeared.  I thought that was interesting but thought it just might have been coincidental.  


I was hearing some things about Dr. Brazinski in Houston, who was treating some forms of cancer with antineoplastons.   His treatment was the last I heard in stage three trials and proving 90% successful with stage four cancers of the types he deals with.  


Then in my research about urine I found that one of the natural chemical compounds in urine is antineoplastons.  Many people are reporting reversals of cancers by using urine therapy.  


Are you beginning to see how the dots are connected?


Some cancers can be treated with antineoplastons.  The urine has that.  And the specific kind has been produced/customized by your body for the problem in your body.    When you do urine therapy, you are boosting the customized antineoplastons for the cancer you are dealing with.  


This is exactly how urine therapy is thought to work when you are sick with whatever.  It may not be coincidence that cancers are remitting with urine therapy.   You are doing natural antineoplaston therapy.  


Well, how is this done?  You simply when you urinate allow the first part of urine to flow go.  Then you start collecting the urine.  Finally you let the last of the urine flow out.  The way it is usually referred to is collecting the middle stream.  When you have done this, you have the the urine for therapy proposes.  


If you are sick, you drink some several times a day.  If you are doing maintenance therapy, you drink about one ounce a day.  If you are doing large doses, some suggest that you take a break every two weeks.  But one doctor on a fast did it for over a month and regain health that had eluded him for decades.  


[If you need to, you can mix the urine with maybe a juice, and you will not notice it.  But it is not that bad.  Just drink it down and maybe have something to wash out your mouth ready.]
Urine therapy is too simple to be true for health, but it is.


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