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Color Therapy Pt. 1


Color healing therapy, sometimes called chromotherapy, uses the visible spectrum of light by colors to affect mood and physical or mental health. Each color has its own vibration.  As part of our vibrational atmosphere


these frequencies affect the vibrations in our bodies.  As our vibrations come back into balance we are beneficially affected.


I had a reading one time, and the man told me that I needed to be wearing more white.  It thought that was a bunch of hooey.  But it was time for me to buy a couple of shirts.  


I was looking through my closet, and it struck me that all my shirts were dark and somber in color.  And I had been feeling dark and somber. Remembering the suggestion of white.  I thought what would that hurt.  So I bought a couple of white shirts.  

white shirt

The first time I wore that white shirt I remember how profoundly different my mood was.  I was feeling better all over, and not just emotionally.  I needed white in my life at that time.  I immediately realized that there is something to color therapy.  


Everyone knows that light enters through our eyes, but few appreciate that light can also enter through our skin. When I was doing research on light therapy, I looked into juvenile jaundice.  Doctor’s will put the baby under light to solve the problem.  

a liver light

At the same time they cover the eyes so they will not be affected.  That treatment works by the skin absorbing the light.  


But that treatment is not just any light it is ultra violet light.  The doctors have found that that particular frequency vibration is what the skin needs to absorb.  The body is brought back into balance and normality by color therapy.  


If you think about it,  the color of your clothes filters the light that passes through them to certain color frequencies.  You are giving color therapy to yourself by what you wear.  The question is, is your chosen therapy positive, neutral, or negative at the time you make your color choice?  


Blue for –  truth, harmony, serenity, soothing the mind, calming, cooling, protection, fevers.   


Red for – aggression, courage, danger, passion, sex.


Orange [combining red and yellow] for – balance, increasing immunity, increasing sexual potency, digestive problems.  


Yellow for – intellect, mental clarity.


Green [combining blue and yellow] for – safety, alchemy, creativity, healing.  


Purple [combining red and blue] for – crown chakra, rheumatism, epilepsy, reduce pain, deep tissue issues,  bones.  


White [combining all colors] for – transcendence, pure, perfection, innocence, chastity, triumph of the spirit over flesh, purity.  


Black is the absence of all color and not considered here.  


This is not a complete list, but it is enough to figure a color or color combination that would be good for your or another’s situation.


Let us look at some situation and the proper color therapy.


If one is having trouble standing up for themselves, suggest red.  

If someone has a fever, suggest blue.

If you are a lawyer and have a client go to the sentencing hearing, have him in mostly white.  

If you have a major test coming that day, suggest yellow.

If you are upset about a coming musical concert, suggest green.

If someone has chronic pain, suggest that they wear more purple.

If someone is going through chemotherapy, suggest adding orange to their life.  

If someone is bipolar, suggest an orange be added.  

If your factory has a safety problem, move to green uniforms and a green environment.  


This is the essence of how color therapy works.  When there is a problem, look for a color and move that into your life.  
Color therapy can also be a part of your therapeutic meditation.


to be continued …


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