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Distance Therapy




I can hear you now. You are thinking, “Yea right, there is no such thing as distance healing.”  And it will surprise you that I agree with you.  But probably not for the reasons that you think.


There is no distance.  No that is not nuts.  What is distance but the amount of time that it takes to get from here to there.  There is a reason that they talk about the space-time continuum.  If there was no time, there would be no space, no distance.  Wherever you are and it is, you are there in the now.
disance healing


Now think about it.  There is no past in time, it is gone.  There is no future, it is only a maybe.  That only leaves the now.  There is no time in the metaphysical sense.  


If we exist in the now and only in the now, then there is no distance.  We are now.  We are not in the past.  We are now.  We are not in the future.  All that we really do is rearrange things in the now.  


Let us say that I want to be healed or shepard a healing.  I can not do it in respect to the past or the future.  Whatever in the now I would find for myself in the healing would then be somewhere else.  The past and future are not now.


It is our job as auto healers and hetero healers to rearrange things in the now so that now is a healthy now.  This is only done in the now, and not in the past or the future.  It will only be in the now for that is all there is in reality.  

 now or never

This is the essence of powerful healing.  To imagine a world in which the now is containing vibrant health.  Remember before I talked about the less than 5 minute remission of bladder cancer.  Gregg Braden showed the video that recorded what they did.  


By healing in the now, the cancer immediately remitted. Everything was rearranged in the now.  The patient imagined herself as healthy and perfect.  The healers imagined a healthy woman before them.  And so it was in the now.  There was no wherelse that that could be.  


The instantaneousness of this reemergence of health was that the patient was not interfering with the now by imagining healing for the future. [That would necessitate sickness in the now.]  And the healers were not impeding the healing by trying to heal so that health may reappear in the future.  [That would be forcing health out of the now.]  Everything was, as it is, in the now.


The limits of our language necessitatis past, present and future to express something.  But that is not reality.  And should not allow us to limit our imagination.


Everything you need or need for a patient is in the now.  There is no distance.  There is now, only the now.  


When you sit around thinking I am sick, guess what?  You have arranged the now for sickness.  When you imagine yourself in health, you rearrange the now for good health.  Our only limitation is where we imagine the health.  




With that as a background, we will look at so called distance healing.  There is no distance in the now.  If you are working with someone whether it is yourself or someone else, you are with them in the now.  That is the only place that you can work, no past, no future.  There is no distance.  


If you are working with a person on the table right in front of you, there is no distance.   If you are working with a person across the room, there is no distance.  If you are working with a person across the world, there is no distance.  There is no distance in the now.  


We can not be limited by distance.  There is no distance.  We are only limited by our own imagination.  


We have covered elsewhere mantra therapy.  I we are imagining in the now health, there must be health.  As a man thinks in his heart so he is.  


The only problem with this is that we [myself included] find that our imagination is often in conflict with our desire, and then imagination wins.  We desire health near or distant, and we do not imagine that it can be in the now.  We are limited in the subject at hand by our misperceived illusion of distance.  Do not think about healing at a distance.  Imagine health in the now.  


I remember when I took the Reconnective Seminar from Eric Pearl.  


I had a chance to apply this no distance principle.  Someone contacted me for a distance healing.  And I really wanted them to come to me so I could do the method I had learned on them.  [Pearl would not call it a method, but it is.]  


So, I tried to do the work in the now mind set.  I went to my table and imagined the person before me without distance.  

 massage room

Of course there was no distance.  I went through the non touch motions of the method as if she was physically there.  She was there.  And I experienced amazing results.  Her broken leg healed.  At her next medical appointment the doctor was scratching his head at the speed of healing.  


I did not do distance healing.  I did now health imagination, and for lack of a better term it worked at a distance.  


This is the brave new world of health imagination.


One interesting way of doing distance healing is the absolute method.  This is mantra type healing.  It can be done for yourself or for others near or far.  


Many people throughout the world have practiced this simple therapy and found it to be effective.  It makes no difference if you are of any particular religion or faith.  It does not even make any difference if you are religious or not, because it is about vibration in the now and not faith as we commonly use the word.


The absolute method can be done verbally or mentally.  


First, you name the name of the person that is to be positively helped by the used of the session.  Some people like to have a picture to look at or a personal object of that person to hold, but that is not necessary.  Just name the person.  


If for some reason you do not know the name, you can give a description of the person.  For example, you might say, “John Doe’s sister who has pneumonia.”  Any description is good enough for the universe to figure out to whom the working is directed.  


I have a friend who is obsessive about getting the full name and makes a big deal about using that in her workings.  Your intent is understood.  The universe is not that stupid.  It is less important that you are doing something than that you are intending something in this regard.


Next, you need to pick out and think about an attribute or quality of God.  [Remember this is about vibration and not about religion.  These attributes are just pointers to the vibration that will be effective in the health working.]  For example, you might choose love, harmony, oneness, wisdom, perfection, oneness, merciful, pitiful, etc.  …  You want to choose a word that for you enhances the result that you want to see happen in the now.   


For example, if you were working on a woman who has a problem pregnancy, perfection might be a word that you would choose if that makes you think of a perfectly normal pregnancy.  In the alternative, the word love may be chosen as that suits your intention in the working as you wish divine type love to normalize the problems in the birth process.   You could also easily see how the word harmony might be used.  You get the idea.  Any word that is viewed as moving or rearranging things in the now toward the goal of your working is the right choice for you.  


Review – You have named the person and you have chosen the word.  


Now, you just meditatively think about the word and the content of its vibration.  If you have not done this before, it might take you a little while to get the hang of what you are doing here.  You are not now thinking about the person but absorbing yourself in the word and its universal vibration.  Think of it as spiritual; think of it as divine; thing of it as angelic.  Repeat it over and over in your mind.  Feel the word, that is get to where you contact its special vibration in the world.  


As some point you will feel the feeling roll over you like maybe a pleasingly warm breeze.  And you melt into the ethereal zephyr.  If you think of it as warm ocean waves rolling over you it is as you are dissolved into universal solvent of water.  

Finally, when you feel this on the afflicted one also, and all that power [vibration] is on him, the health working is finished.  Move on in the belief that what will be done is done.  Believe this vibrational rearrangement has rearranged the now for health.    


Distance healing therapy is too simple to be true, but it is.


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