Can you think yourself into cancer?

Some times that is the case. However, there are other causes sometimes. Remember animals and babies can get cancer.

Jesus said all things are possible to him that believes. We almost completely see this as a positive statement. However, Jesus said all things. That must includes the positive and the negative.

Wayne Dyer hit close to this when he said all problems are spiritual.


For example, let us think about breast cancer, which my mother had. That existed down through the centuries. However, was it as common as now days? I think not.

What is happening?

There is so much talk about it. The natural appearing of this problem is being over shadowed by the thinking induced cancers.

There are two parents and who knows which paternal genes are in play. However, the media hammers home the thought that if it is in your family you are at increased risk. [You are an individual not a sub part of a statistic.]

You start looking for the signs. You even take carcinogenic tests to find it early.

(There is a cancer risk, they say small?, of causing this cancer by many of the tests for this cancer. They have figured the odds of that happening are minimal so they send the patient uninformed for these tests.  Have you ever heard of doctor upfront informing his patient about the “small” risk of causing breast cancer by having regular mammograms?  They all say it  is a screening while in some cases it may be causing cancer. )

Now they have a test to look for this cancer on a cellular level where the body normally takes care of it. [Everyone has some cancer cells, but the body naturally takes care of that.] You are thinking that you probably will get breast cancer. So you probably will.  As you think …

“Oh, please surgically remove my breasts because I am so scared of getting breast cancer.”

That is how server the level of in gendered fear is over this cancer.

As a woman thinks in her heart, so is she.

Dr. Deepak Chopra, using alternatives, had a breast cancer patient who he brought back from stage 4 cancer. In joy she went back home and told her regular doctor.


That doctor told her, “Don’t worry. It will come back.”

She was devastated, and soon cancer began to show up. Dr. Copra helped her with thinking. As he returned her thinking to health, the breast cancer went away. [This is like Dr. Joseph Murphy wrote so much about.] That was a mentally induced cancer and is best dealt with as a thinking cancer.

Jesus said, “Those who continue to be sick are in need of a physician.” That could be a non mentally induced cancer.

Check out now the pages please on spiritual/religious healings, because as you can imagine there is more info. Thank you.

Dr. Wayne Dyer says all problems are spiritual problems. Possibly that is an over statement for emphasis, but this could be well at play here.

Nothing here or in any of my writings or metaphysical practice is intended to give medical advise or diagnosis. This is a preacher’s opinion article.

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