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The telepathy book that you have been waiting for is up. THE HEALING SECRETS OF TELEPATHY FOR HEALERS at  This is the only book I know of dealing with this tool in healing.  (Usable in other areas of life too.)  


It covers how I discovered and perfected this as a healing tool for me and how you can do this too as an amazing add on to any healing modality, no modality, or just being a healing presence in your work and life.  


Powerful, Practical, and EASY.


Telepathy is an essential secret for you   now   to know  because as you  imagine  it works.


Who can you   imagine   will be the first to apply these AMAZING principles in their healing work and life?  Send me results.  


The links are not all working yet, but  for my special friends,  you can     get it    at   now   before all the hoi polloi rush the store.    In the search bar just type bill haberman or the name of the book THE HEALING SECRETS OF TELEPATHY FOR HEALERS.


Happy healings!

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