Can I get stuck in hypnosis?

That is a great urban legend. The quick answer is no.

The operator will just instruct you to return to normal consciousness and open your eyes.

What if the hypnotist has a stroke or something and can not bring you back?

The trance state left to itself will drift into normal sleep, and you will shortly wake up.

In certain situation the subject may decide not to wake up. For example, he may have been under a lot of stress and is therefore enjoying the trance state.

After all these years I have only seen this once. I just repeated the wake up. However it did not work again.

I simply told the client that I knew she was enjoying this time. Then I informed her that I would leave the room. And I gave her permission to wake up in a few minutes after I left.

I left the room making sure that she heard me leave and the door shut. [I did not slam it.] Then in a few minutes she emerged from the room in a normal state.

No you will not get stuck in hypnosis.

See my page now on hypnosis and autogenics please, because as you can imagine there is more info there.


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