axiatonal-alignmentSpiritual Healing Surprise

I had a healing at a fair. The session went very well. It was just a general healing with no specific problem presented to be dealt with.

After the session the man told me that during the session he had gone to a dark place. That was not an evil or negative just a description. There he had encountered shame and guilt.

He said others had been telling him that he had this suppressed emotions and he had not believed them. Now he saw them and was able release them.

He now has the door open to a better life.

Healing is not always physical often it is spiritual.

The next day a fellow healer called me about Rene Mey coming to San Antonio. She was explaining what he taught in his seminar. The first thing she brought up was his theory of all healing comes out of going to the dark place.

I thought that was too coincidental that I had just seen the dark place at work.

In the good sense when you encounter the dark place in meditation or healing embrace it and heal.


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