Are there side effects to augmented reconnective style healings (ARH)?

There are always side effects, some noticed and some not noticed.

The mere fact that there is a side effect does not mean that that is a negative.

I had one older man say that he vividly contacted his dead brother while in session. The brother had died when they were young. I hate to use the word seance. However what he described sounds like that. I am not a medium. This was just a side effect for him of the healing time. Their private meeting was very fulfilling to him.

Another facilitator told me of an older lady she was working with. She had a similar experience. The seeker revisited many departed family members and was very greatful. She had the chance to say some things that she had not had a chance to before.

Some times I have heard, and other workers have heard also, strange knockings in the walls.

One man told me that what I can best describe as a gnome or leprechaun, little man, ran in the room and after laughing, scurried out.

There are often experiences of entities being present.

One lady had an encounter with a host angles and archangels.

I have heard several times of the person seeking the ARH event starting to channel messages from beyond.

I was doing ARH in a darkened room. Orbs of light began to dash around the immediate area of the session. A person in the other room saw strange light and came in to see what was going on. The lights left while the third person looked in.

A common side effect is stomach growling.

Some start to cry or tears run down their face. That is not necessarily sadness.

One lady began to laugh, a wild belly laugh. As I moved away from the aura sensation point I was working with, the laughing stopped. When I went back to that point, there it was again.

One lady worker had finished one session and sent the first seeker into another room. While doing the second session, both her and the second seeker heard the first person fixing a snack in the kitchen. It sounded like she was throwing pots and pans around. Very noisy.

After the second session, the seeker was very annoyed at the first lady. However the first seeker, had not made a snack. She was in the kitchen just reading a book. She had heard nothing! The facilitator looked at the second person like what just happened here.

I had a session where I was allowed to smell green.

These are a few examples of side effects. There are others. Every session is individual. And we should not expect anything. We do not induce them; they just sometimes happen. Just, when you come to me for your session, experience what happens without words.

See now my page on ARH please, because imagine there is more info. Do not miss out. Thank you.

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