After many years involved in healing,I  learned many methods, looking for the magic bullet.  While the methods have their place, I always recognized that something was missing.  All caring healers like you know with I am talking about.


Because you too see there is something missing beyond methodology, because you also see there is room of more effectiveness,  you too are ready for the secrets to be revealed to you.


magic bullet

Why does sometimes a method work and then doing the precise same method application fail in similar cases?

I started reading everything I could get my hands on about healing.

little reader

I attended classes and seminars until I was sick of the promises about the next magic bullet healing method.

I began to meditate for up to 8 hours a day asking for the secret beyond method that I was missing.

Meditation Series

Slowly I began to synthesize my visions, practice, and readings into a group of secrets that enhance any method you may prefer in a particular healing.

axiatonal alignment lines

Any methodology can be positive if you bring with you these secrets.



Or you can call on these secrets and be just a healing presence.  That is … healing outside of methodology.


Is that what you want? … It is available now in my trilogy on healing.


A Trilogy of Essential Healing Secrets: A Healer’s Handbook of Essential Knowledge


Are you … (using whatever method you prefer, near or distant) … ready for amazing results?


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