Entry 7 – Jera & Hagalaz




The harvest is in the field, as the year has promised.  But it is not the harvest; it is in the field.  Wait for the magic all you want; there is harvest above the magic.  Sing about the 9.  Revel in the 9.  Worship the 9.  And still the harvest is in the field,

 field of grain

and it is not the the harvest.


You pray in the hail.  As you pray, the hail follows you.  


Hamingja is on your side.  But are you on your side?  See to the field and know the hamingja.  Go to the field.  Glean and accept the hamingja.  


Manna that falls from the sky is not manna.  Manna is what you gather and brings to the table.  That is manna, hamingja.  The gods are on your side.  Are you on your side?


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