Entry 6 – Reversed Raido & Reversed Berkana


 berkana reversed


When YOU are riding, YOU have assumed to control of the horse.  The horse is not YOURS.  But before the horse comes there is the divine feminine.  And YOU, the riding one, turns The Lady backwards.  The Lady then turns her back on the horse and YOU who ride.

war wagon

Where the horse has come from is the Lady.  It is her seed.  Mother earth, the Lady, has turned her breasts away for the horse, and there is no nourishment only riding, no infusion of creativity, for YOU are riding the horse that she has morphed into a goat.


YOU roll the wheels of the war wagon from cloud to cloud, above the clouds.  The sky rumbles with rolling thunder.    


Return to the Lady, and she will join you in the wagon.  Descend below the cloud through the rain.  And there you with the Lady can create the new world in the flow of power and creativity.  


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