Entry 48 – Othala Reversed & Berkana Reversed

othala reversed


berkana reversed


You are running from your past.  “Look at me.  I am free now.”  Affirm. Affirm. Affirm.  …  Affirm until you are out of breath and gasping.


The breasts of your past nurture your present and shape your future.  But when you do not suckle …  Skuld has prepared your lesson.  


 nornir 2


Your mother’s milk protects you from infection.  


Where is your mother’s milk?   

Grow in the clan.  It is your soil.  And know the grounding, nurture, and balance.  Embrace your past, be learned, or repeat it in one way or another.  


Beware.  Your abandon will find you out.  


Anarchy is the whipping boy of Skuld.  The rules are being taught to you.  Listen and learn.  


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