Entry 47 – Wunjo Reversed & Dagaz


wunjo reversed



The lemniscate is cast.  




This is your infinity.  


The lion roars.  The lady rides. The good and the bad meet in the circuit.  The bad cancels the good at the crossing.  The good cancels the bad.  All the circuit leads to this point.  Being.  For good.  For ill.  Oneness or war.  


Being always exists, but is only known in oneness.  Embrace the darkness and light the night.  There is no night.  There is no day.   They are the divine oneness in dualistic severance.  


If your eye is singular, your world shall be light, body and world.  Accept, forgive coexist with yourself.  Stop duality of personhood and live in stillness at the crossed circuit.  


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