Entry 46 – Pertho Reversed & Thurisaz Reversed

pertho reversed


thurisaz reversed


Yes, I know that law, but it does not apply to me at this time.  The Nornir will understand.  




I have a “me” exemption from orlog.  I want it it will be o.k.  


The Nornir are not your protectors.  Once the dice are cast, the three sisters can only weave from the material they have been given.   They are under the world tree.  


You can not predict the future.  Only Urd can do that because by law she knows what you have done.  Verdandi spins it.  Skuld says it is necessary for you to learn.  

Woe unto you who think themselves divine above the law.  


“I am God. And I have decreed it.”


You are not.


Urd knows.  Verdandi spins.  Skuld teaches.    


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