Entry 41 – Othala Reversed & Ansuz Reversed

othala reversed

r ansuz reversed

So things are not going right or down hill.  You have asked, but the mouth of god gives no answer.  This may be true of the individual, or the clan, or the colony.   The problem is spiritual, even if the effects are imagined or seen in the physical.  


Return to you heritage.  There is this answer where it always was.  When we disregard our past, we  deny our present, and devastate our future.  


Look at the banner of the clan in the day of battle.  That is where you need to go.  It will direct you to victory.  Let this be the great organizer for your innovation.  


Alone, the enemies will overwhelm you.  To the flag where there is surety of the tried and true.  Be a flag bearer wherever you go.  


a moon flag



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