Entry 40 – Uruz & Berkana





What you do in pride with your great power is not of your power.  You only do by the indulgence of the great mother.  


But do not mistake indulgence for approval.  She lets you talk to Loki who constricts you.  

 snake truth

When you leave the snake to do it, he giggles and says, “Mine.”  It is the illusion of freedom.  


Thor brings the apple of truth and Loki screams, “What have you poisoned it with?”  


The truth will show your victory of power as the victory of death in the day of truth.  


The Loki’s apple of death tastes sweet but sours the stomach.  Eat the apple of Thor.  


Mother nature says you have free will.  Know by receiving the apple of truth.  Or know by eating the apple of knowledge of good and evil.  
She smiles and says, “You have free will.  But you have no indulgence not to know.  You and the clan will know.  Look and listen.”


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