Entry 39 – Naudhiz & Kenaz






Focus is the power.  Power is not power unfocused.  Desire before need is focus unfocused.  


Focus on need, and know that deed.  Your focus on desire is singular next.  There and then the power is focused on the luxury, and you know the power in deed.  That you desire, but can not see,  distracts you from the seeing before the being.  


The flashlight shines


one way in focus and step by step you see your way.  You do not see too far.  This I need.  Illuminate now need.  Move forward to the need.  Then desire see, as it forms out of the shadows of defused light, and the approach can be.  


The road is dark and deep.  Walk in the light and then all the road will be light in all the steps.


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