Entry 37 – Laguz Reversed & Hagalaz


 laguz reversed





How terrible; you have suffered a loss.  Your ship is thereby stalled?  


No … you have stalled.  It is a spiritual blockage of journey.  


The wisp wind of the frothy dark sea is peppering you in salty droplets in waters of ice and mist.  

 viking ship in storm

Do you not remember when you were sprinkled into the life force of the clan?


In the loss you are rebirthed.  In the mist you are initiated into the life force.  To the east, sail on in the dark sea and meet the sun.  It will come  sooner than you could have expected.  


Cast the loss into the sea.  Do not watch it sink beneath the waves.  Believe in the eastern horizon.  
SAIL AWAY.  Sail Away.  sail away.


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