Entry 36 –  Elhaz & Raidho






Do not torment yourself to despair.  It is done before you ask.

a supplication

Know now, as you ride to victory, that there are three guardians.   And you are protected under the three branches of the guardian tree.


Know their guardianship.


In the middle is life.   As long as there is life, there is time for victory, because you are in the now.  All is in the now, no past, no future, now.  Victory will be in the now whenever that is.   Know your victory in the now.


One branch is protection.  If you listen to the guardians, the way of escape will be provided in the now.  Take it in the now.  Do not look back.  That is the way of protection, now.  There is time.  


One branch is knowledge.  You are not a reactive animal.  You have been given the gift of knowledge.  You in knowledge choose, and there is the victory in the now of time.  Now is your time.


Live to victory in your ride with the three guardians.  


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