Entry 35 – Othala & Jera




The nature of things is the nature of things.  The harvest is at the end of the year of nature.  If you use chickens for seed, they will be buried alive and harvested dead.  There is no harvest festival.  


Freya rule.  She is a hard task mistress for some.   


You may think out of the box.  But you can not live out out of the box.  Nonsense is nonsense.  


Run and hide from nature.   When you are well hid, you are not hid.  When you violate the law of mother nature, your transgression will find you out.   All your plannings are dead chickens in the the year of harvest.  


Sacrifice your nonsense to Freya and Frey.   Follow the flow of nature.  


But Freya whispers in your ear, “Not all that is thought is nature is nature.”


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