Entry 28 –  Eihwaz & Pertho Reversed


 pertho reversed



What you have cast on the water will be captured in the container of water, and the Nornir will water your tree with it.  You can not take it back, but you will receive it back.  

a boomerang

Will your tree be gnarled and stunted with poison?  When you reach the top, you will still look up toward Asgard.  


Or will you bless the tree with your special water?  As you climb it, you will make your own rainbow bridge into Asgard.   


Whichever, you will drink water from your own cistern.


As for all, the Nornir’s cauldron of water pours backward to you.  It is your fault or blessing.  
In faith always cast that which will bless yourself in the return.  It is more blessed to give than to receive, because that is what you will receive.    


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