Entry 27 – Ingwaz & Mannaz





The man stands against the clan, and the clan stands against the man.  This is man.  The clan forsakes the oneness.  The man forsakes the oneness.  


Focused power against focused power.  


This is when there is no power. Master the man, or master the clan?   The magic power is in the bottle.  


M.A.D. –  Mutual Assured Destruction


Rub the genie out of the lamp.  

a genie

It will be yours if you release the power.  


Forget the clan, oh ye man.   Forget the man, oh ye clan.  Focus on what is at hand and power flows from the bottle full throttle.   


M.A.P.  –  Mutual Assured Purpose  –  Oneness


Potential moves to magic power.   


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