Entry 26 – Naudhiz & Uruz






The aurochs runs wild.  

a aur u

So it must be.  It is the aurochs, forever untameable.  


In the long days the grove shakes with the bellows of the bull’s power.  As the days grow short, in the day of ice, Audhumla, the cow, must come and lick the glacial ice which it stands before and in the quiet tongue friction sculpture Buri.


By need the bull, which must have come first, has yielded the grove to the cow to lick the ice, to form Buri, who was the father of the first gods who kill the frost giant.  


The time of the bull must have been and pass.  The time of the cow must have been and pass.  The frost giant, Ymir, will not die.  He must be slaughtered, death of the old, and so in this the new world of the gods is created from his body.


Masculine, feminine, life, death, life.    


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