Entry 24 – Naudhiz & Sowilo




You may not have everything you want.  

lust of eye

But the victory triumphs over what you need.  All else is luxury.  


Do not want your want; know the luxury.


You ask and receive not, because you seek to extinguish your own lust, and victory is extinguished under the blanket of your lust.


So you want.  So what?  The lust of flesh, eye, and pride all pass away.  The need of the flesh, eye, and pride are temporal.  


There may be a temporal need.  But there is not the victory of will.  


Will need fulfilled, there follows the victory of will.  Let it be done and move on.  


In the triumph’s chariot the servant whispers in your ear, “All fame is fleeting.”  


If you are lead by the spirit, you are not under the law.  Needs are fulfilled and victory arrives with the luxury beyond need.  See the need; do the deed; know the luxury.


Know this paradox of Odin.


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