Entry 23 – Fehu & Tiwaz Reversed

fehu rune


 tiwas reversed


Mobile power, magic, wealth exist in a world where Tyr has no need to raise his spear.   


 tyr spear


You think that because things are going well right now that Tyr will not raise his spear?  


Weld power injudiciously; grin until you see the spear rise.  Abuse power and then where is your great power?  


Race your chariot Ahab before the coming storm.  And when you arrive to safety, Tyr is waiting.  You have cast your power upon the water.  The storm will come; your speeding chariot is too slow.  


Your power has become powerless.  Your favor has become disfavor.  


If only you had heeded the fairness fairy  …  If only …


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