Entry 15 – Thurisaz Reversed & Raido

thurisaz reversed




Standing in the place of desire?  Move above the clouds.  But move on.


Sometimes stillness is strength; sometimes movement is strength.


Lingering long with desire is in the bramble corral, and desire opens the door for domination.  Desire says lay down your armor in the day of battle.  Be a sheep before the slaughter.  In this you die while you live.  


These brambles are illusionary.  You face off with yourself.

 facing yourself

Move on … Pass through the brambles  …  Move on.   Walk through the thorns that are not there.   


If you are as strong as Thor, it makes no difference.  Remember Thor’s tactic is mobility in the war wagon.   


Move the mind.  Move the body.  Move on.  


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