Entry 12 – Othala Reversed & Wunjo Reversed

othala reversed

wunjo reversed


When a world tree separates from its roots, it dies.  


But trees are not that stupid.  They need help to leave their roots.  


Sinking roots deep into the earth, they are nourished.  In the air the roots dry and die.  


Green leaves rustle in the breeze.  In joy they clear the air and free exchange with the passing flow.  


The leaves do what they do because the roots do not try to do what leaves do.  The roots live because they do not try to do what the the leaves do.  They are roots.  


Do otherwise and the world tree is upside down.

 tree upside down

Do what you should, because if you do what you could you could kill you, the world tree and the roots.  



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