Entry 10 – Wunjo Reversed & Naudhiz

 wunjo reversed




So, you are unfulfilled.  You are out of focus on your needs.  


When winter winds’ blast blows, and the need fire is out, you use the need bow,

 fire bow

and you are fulfilled.  As you curl up by the hearth, the blizzard recoils. It hisses its wind, winds around, and slithers on.    


When you are needless, when you sleep by the need fire, you dream the want bow.  You are fulfilled, but you feel unfulfilled.  There is no want bow, only the dream.  Wake up to the need fire.  


Rest in peace from the labor the need bow and repose by the need fire and enjoy the luxury of what yet is.
Thanks be to the time of need where you can know fulfilled.  


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