A connection between healing and runes magic?

I would not call it a connection, but there is an interesting parallel.

The parallel principle means that doing one practice reinforces the practice of the other. One starts to think in a certain way.

In healing the facilitator must encounter the correct frequencies in the aura, and the vitki, shamani or magician must connect with the energies in the selected runes.


The practitioner in both must be aware that the power is not his; he is only a witness as to what the accessed powers ultimately do.

When this truth is not kept in mind, the practitioner will most often slip into pseudo egotism. The Bible say that we should not think more highly of ourselves then we ought. This can cause the practitioner problems.

If one thinks in the literal sense that he is a healer, he takes the “glory” in a success. That is a real ego trip. However the arrogant joy of being a “healer” has here a dark side. If one is the “healer,” what is he when the healing seems to fail?

As I found early on in my calling to facilitate healings, perceived failures can bring great depression. In this there is even a push to abandon your calling to help others. “Is this really what I should be doing?”

That is why as a healer it is good to think in terms of the reality that you are a witness to healing. You are the witness to what the universe/God decides to do. That takes a load off your shoulders.

The same is true about rune magic. It should be done with a mind of humility.

A lady, having a problem with her boyfriend’s ex, came to me. She wanted the exwife out of her life. I did a rune candle ritual. With confidence in my power to do this I connected with the energy of the correct rune and activated it.


Two days later I got a call. The magic worked the ex was out of her life. BUT HOW?

She had a blow up with her boyfriend, and they split. Result, the ex was out of her life. It worked. BUT what had I done?

I was terribly upset and apologized profusely. I thought I was “the magician” and I had done that. There it is, the dark side of ego.

Then it occurred to me that the vitki, runic magician or shaman, is more correctly the witness. One just connects with the correct rune energy and then stands back and watches what the universe/God decides to do. It will be handled in the best way, if the shaman is not in the way.

The lady later told me that some things had happened, and she had realized the boyfriend was not right for her anyway. The universe had got rid of the ex in the best way correcting also another problem.

It is best in healing or magic to think of the facilitator as the witness. He is not the controlling power. The universe/God wields the power to its correct result.

See now please the pages on augmented reconnective style healing and rune magic because as you can imagine there is more info.

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