Why does not knowing the person you read for make for a better reading?

I once had a tarot student tell me about practicing reading with her son. She told me that every card said stop playing so many video games. When we know the person, we tend to read what we already think. Whether that is good or bad advice, that was most likely not what the cards were directing her to, especially not all of them.

It is important not to know when you read. That does not mean that you cannot have a good reading for a friend. However, it is more difficult. On one level, the reader needs to put his brains in a basket and not know the person, just the cards.

I had a reading with a friend one time. I was using my unique cards-augmented-with-runes system. That is my standard way of reading now. (See now my page on readings and blessings for more info.)

She wanted to see how the combination reading worked. I was a little distracted because I was demonstrating the system, and I did not adjust to dismiss what I knew or thought I knew about her.

I saw an upside down king in her past. I correctly inquired about an overbearing or oppressive authority or quasi authority person in her past. She admitted as I suspected that was her husband. (I should not of been expecting.) I had long suspected that there had been a problem there.

When we came to the transition card from the past to the present, I noted the queen of swords. Normally in such a card context, I would have said I see a woman alone.

Since I knew she was married, I knew that was not the correct reading, and I read something about her career in the sciences. The sword has sometimes to do with reason or mind. Yes that is not an outrageous reading of the card in some contexts.

However, there was a nagging instinctive urge to say a woman alone. I knew better.

After the full reading, I asked her what she thought of the combination reading. She brought up that she was divorcing her husband. The queen was saying a women alone. But my preconception about my friend had negatively affected my reading.

I should have at least asked about the women alone instinct. But it was lost in my adult knowing. I should have become child like.

With a stranger I would not have missed it.

It, however, was a good reading, and she received insight in how she was to proceed.

See the page on readings and blessings for more info now.

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