Is not what you do in healing just the placebo effect?

If it is, so what? Healing is healing.

People will believe what they want. I do not think that all my work is placebo, but if it is, so what? Healing is healing.

I went to my regular Mexican restaurant to get my breakfast taco. In the line behind me a little girl and her dad were waiting to pay. She had a hacking cough.

I commented, “That is a bad cough.”

She smiled at me as her dad explained that she had had it for awhile. They had been to the doctor who was stumped as to why she was having that morning dry cough.

I told the little girl that there was a magic place in her hand that she could touch, and the cough would go away. I showed her a place that I had made up. She tried it.

As she had a break in the cough, I said, “See … It works. Now every morning if you start coughing press that magic place.” She looked up at me with big innocent eyes.

She smiled, and they left without her coughing any more.

In a couple of weeks they were at the cafe again. The dad came over and thanked me. I just said, “You are welcome, but I did not do anything.”

He told me that she had not been coughing since I showed her the magic spot.

That was placebo. A placebo given in a belief generating way was the correct advise in that situation. Healing is healing. What is the problem?

Some doctors use placebo in appropriate situations even today. For example when you are in the hospital and have pain medication, a doctor may put you on a drip bag. There is a button that you can push when you need pain medication. But the placebo is that it will only give out so much. After that, you push the button, and the thought of getting the pain drug gives you a pain relieving placebo effect.

But sometimes some doctors can not see anything beyond their standard treatment protocols.

Remember healing is an art as well as a science.

The proof is in the pudding. With that little girl the answer was believable placebo. Healing is healing.

People will believe what they want. I do not think that all my work is placebo, but when it is, … so what? Healing is healing.

Check out now my pages on healings please, because as you can imagine there is more info there.

Thank you.

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