How many people have you cured?


There is an old saying, “The doctor dresses the wound God heals it.”

[There is also some legal problems for using words like cure. That is a word that wellness facilitator should not use.]

I have been allowed to be present when amazing things have happened.

Like I have seen several shoulder problems correct themselves as I swung a pendulum over them.

Example, one woman said she had not been able to sleep on her side for over twenty years because of her right shoulder.

I had her lie on my table [many times I did this with people sitting]. Then I just swung the pendulum in a certain way over the bad shoulder for several minutes. She was feeling something and suddenly she felt something snap. I continued for a little bit.

Then I asked her to sit up, raise her arm, and feel where it was better. She complied. As her arm went up a big smile materialized on her lips.

She called me the next morning and said she had slept on that shoulder and there was not even any discomfort. A big change that was from too painful to lie on that side.

Did I do that? I did nothing. I intended nothing. I just witnessed what I was experiencing during the swinging. I just stood by as the witness.

The doctor dresses the wound the universe/God heals (cures) it.

Please check out now my pages on various healing modalities, including pendulum, that I use, because as you can imagine there is more info there.

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