Three upright runes were drawn. The main rune is the p-rune. The two secondary runes are the t-rune and the k-rune.

The p-rune is sometimes called the karma rune. But in this lay it appears more to do with the work of the Nornir, the deciders of fate. These mythological sister goddesses were Urd (fate, the past), Verdandi (being, the present), and Skuld (necessity, the future).

Since this is a forecast reading, the emphasis appears to be on Skuld. She helped people learn from their mistakes. Learning here is the focus because without learning there is stagnation rather than progress.

It may be necessary this month to “consider your ways”. Skuld is trying to teach something. If we do not learn from our mistakes (and we all make them), we have waisted our time, that much of our lives.

Example, if you go to a light switch and flip it on, the results should be instructive. If the light comes on, you nave learned which switch works that light, and we move forward using that switch as needed.

However, if the switch does not give the needed result, you need to learn and take note. It is time to move on and try another switch for the result. You have not waisted your time, you have narrowed the search parameters. You are involved in progress.

What would you say to someone who just kept on flipping the same switch looking for the light that did not come? That is textbook crazy.

Skuld would say move on to the next switch and stop wasting your time.

Learn from your mistakes and do not repeat them this month. If something has not worked before, you may need to learn from this and try something else.

What you do now becomes your past, and creates your present, and necessitates your future, the three sisters of fate.

Should you choose to repeat your mistakes, you necessitate a future with the same results of the mistake. (In our illustration the light will not come on, and you will continue to be in darkness.)

The next two runes portend the good results of listening to Skuld. The t-rune may tell us that victory is coming, because you are progressing and not stagnated. The k-rune may say that the final victory will be in focused power. You with this may be zeroing in on victory.

This month you may want to list your mistakes and ask what can I do different. This is the road of progress.

This reading may apply internationally, nationally, or individually.

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