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What is the Correct Frequency of Enemas?


How often should you have an enema?  How should you schedule them?


Scheduling of enemas is truly a personal matter.  There is no one size fits all in this.


In Gerson therapy they even do coffee enemas 4 or 5 times a day.  


That might be a little impractical in your normal lifestyle.  But there would be nothing harmful about doing this.  If you are just doing the one to one and a half ounce enemas, morning and evening, that is not impractical.  And if you are using instant coffee, I find it about the same amount of time as brushing my teeth.


Some might say that instant coffee is not the best.  I might argue the point.  But I can say that it is better than not doing anything.  


If you just do a good water only enema quick flush, it is beneficial.  I know that the clean out is going to help.  


One example, some times I have the seasonal allergy issue of the Texas Hill Country, cedar fever.   

juniper tree

It is not really a fever, but it feels like it.  And you just feel bad.   When I get to feeling awful bad with this, I just do an enema flush.  [Sometimes coffee enema; sometimes just water]   I always feel better almost instantly.  

Since I started doing enemas, I have noted that the seasonal allergies are greatly diminished in severity.  It appears that there maybe some long term benefits in improved health.  Remember that generally allergies are a sign of an immune system that is not working up to par. As we have noted before, enemas can improve your immune system.


Whenever you feel in anyway out of sorts or sick, it is time for some type of enema.  I can almost assure you that you will feel much better.  And even if you do not feel much better, you will feel some better, and there will be side effects benefits in overall health and healing.   


When you are having an illness, emotional, or health issue, for the duration of the problem an enema each morning will be beneficial.  If you can do others during the day or at bedtime, all the better.  [This includes enemas beyond the coffee ones or just water.]


What about a coffee enema at bedtime?  

Remember as mentioned before coffee received in enema has an affinity for the liver.  That is where it goes.  Surely some does get in the blood, but it is not like drinking coffee, which thereby keeps you awake.  


Everyone reacts different to caffeine.  Try a coffee enema once at bedtime.  Most people, it is reported, do not have a problem with sleep related to a coffee enema.  If though it is a problem for you, do not use coffee at that time.  Use just water or enema with another herb.


For just a general cleanse, you might consider an enema every morning and/or evening for a week or a month.  When the colon and liver are clean everything else cleanses in course.  



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