What is an Enema?


In general an enema is inserting liquid into the rectum.  It is a healthful or healing procedure in which a liquid is injected into the rectum, often to cause the content of the lower colon to pass out it contents.  But it more generally is used medicinally to put medically intended substances into the body.  Both of these purposes can have medically beneficial results.


The first and most obvious use of an enema is for causing the elimination of feces from the bowels.  


That is the most widely known use of enemas.  If one is constipated,


a good old fashioned enema may be just the answer.  


While occasional constipation can make you generally feel bad, uncomfortable, and out of sorts,


the enema is a refreshing and often speedy relief of the discomfort, etc.  You do not have to wait for some drug or fiber to work its way through the system.  This is a relatively simple in and out procedure.  You will be amazed in most cases how quickly you will feel so much better.  


Enemas, in general, are not so much alternative therapy as they are just a modern taboo socially.  The FDA


has approved the enema treatments that you get in the little bottles from the store.  


Many reject the option of an enema for occasional constipation because they think that it to be too complicated, messy, or hard to do.  It is not.  The first time or two you do it it may not be comfortable or easy, but that is just because you are learning how to do a new thing.  Once you get the hang of it, the process is no fuss and no muss.  Most people can easily do it to themselves.  


If you purchase a prepared enema in an injection bottle,

 enema bottle

it comes with easy to follow instructions.  There are some name brands of these prepared enemas for constipation.  [It is bottles like these that I use for almost all of my enema procedures.]  Also most of the major drugstore chains have a house brands that are the same thing.  I have even found in the 99 cent store a generic of the same thing, same ingredients, saline.  The only difference is the box and a better price.  


One of the good things about these bottles is that they are reusable.  [Obviously, for the same person.]   Just quick wash it up with a little hand soap, rinse, and let it dry out.  It is ready for the next usage.  I have had bottles that have lasted me for months of regular use.  


Here is little secret in plane sight.  The most common liquid in this enema bottles is just saline, a very light salt solution.  If you make saline to flush out your sinuses,

a sinus flish

you can do the same thing to make liquid for your enema bottle.  


And beyond that for the occasional constipation, almost always you can you use good water to do the same thing.  Remember, I said good water.  

a polluted water

If you do not want to drank it, do not use it in an enema.  The general rule is if it is anything that you can safely drink, you can use it as an enema liquid.  If your tap water has a lot of things, like chlorine and fluoride, in it,

a bad tap waterit is not even good enough for an enema treatment.  

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