Can hypnosis deal with something like Ebola?

I do not give medical advise.

However, the answer is a clear maybe.

There is historical precedent. As I have written before there was in the early 1840’s a surgeon Dr. James Esdaille. He is discussed by Dr. Joseph Murphy in several of his books.

The majority of patients in those times did not die of surgery. They died of the infections that followed.

There was no concept of modern sanitation. They would just throw a bucket of water on the operating table and lay the next patient on it. They used the same unwashed tools and went to operating. Good surgeons were known by how much blood they had on their apron. The more blood, the more surgeries, the better surgeon.

It was surprising that anyone survived the infections for which there were not antibiotics.

Dr. Esdaille had started using hypnosis for anesthesia. Hearing of Fran Messmer, he decided to add the suggestion that the patient would get no infection.

In over four hundred major surgeries he had only a 2% infection rate. It was a miricle. The bodies through the power of the subconscious mind switched on their ability to say no to infection.

If people were given hypnotic immunization against Ebola, who knows what the infection rate would be. And there might be a diminished pool of infectable victims. The epidemic might be stopped.

Already there are some contactees who do not get infected. Hypnosis might increase that group enough to stifle the spread of Ebola.

And for the ones who positively accepted the hypnotically suggested immunization, for them Ebola would be stopped.

So it appears that hypnosis is a possible stoppage of Ebola.

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