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What are some benefits of Vitamin D from Heliotherapy?



Diverse Malignancies


The incidences of colon cancer, breast cancer, and other malignancies seems to go up among people who live farther from the equator.



It is not outrageous to note that the reduced exposure to sunlight and vitamin D may explain this statistical difference.  Like we see in prostate cancer, the specifics vary from one study to the next.


That being said, there is a 2006 review, which concluded that the overall pattern suggests benefit from vitamin D and by extension sunlight, especially for colon cancer.

colon cancer


A 2006 Harvard studied men  and found that a 10 ng/ml rise in blood levels of this vitamin suggests that there is a 17% reduction of developing cancer and if cancer is contracted there appears to be a 29% lower risk of dying from the disease.  Other studies offer the plausibility that vitamin D may have an effect in reducing the risk of cancer other cancers like those of the pancreas and kidney.


  Well what is all this talk about sunlight and skin cancer?  

 skin cancer


At first blush I would be thinking about the abuse of sunlight, overindulging.  In many cases this is a medical historical factor for an individual.  A little wine remember is good for some madidies, but being a wino can cause some health issues.  


That being said I found an intriguing suggestion.  I am not giving this as fact but an interesting FYI about sun therapy and skin cancer.  


Zane R. Kime M.D., M.S., received his medical degree from Loma Linda University. He also held a Masters of Science in Nutrition from the University of California, Davis.


Dr Zane R Kime, author of the book Sunlight, said:


“The author became increasingly convinced, as he studied the available research data, that the highly refined western diet plays the leading role, both in the ageing process and in the development of cancer, and that sunlight seems only to accelerate the problem.”


This seems to be saying that the problem is not the sun but the interaction of sun and a diet of highly refined food.  Reducing the highly refined food may be the correct solution to this issue and not avoiding the judicious receiving of sunlight.  I


In another against the stream of popular thought, according to the American Cancer Society, some evidence exists that ultraviolet light therapy may be effective in helping treat certain kinds of skin cancer.  [Notice that is certain kinds and not all kinds.]  Of course, the sun gives us full spectrum light that includes ultraviolet light.  

I read one account of a man who developed skin cancer and surprised the doctor by curing it with heliotherapy.  He got lucky, I suppose, and had the kind of cancer that was a correct treatment for.  I can find no list of the particular cancers that may be benefited by sun therapy.  But this is an FYI.  Do with it what you will, or not.  

to be continued


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