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What is the good of vitamin D from Heliotherapy?

It appears that the natural source of vitamin D is heliotherapy.  We try to exist in an unnatural reality when we think to live without sunlight.  That which is natural is fitting.  


When many years ago I was living in Louisiana, I was watching the local morning news show.  They were interviewing the rice queen, who was acting as a spokesperson for the rice industry.  She was a very nice beauty queen, but she just saying what she had been instructed her to say.


While talking about white rice,


she explained that to make it they took all the natural vitamins and minerals out of natural rice and then bleached it.  She quickly added that we should not worried about that because they put everything back in it artificially. It is enriched.  So it was nutritionally the same thing.  


Really, I thought.  Man is sometimes so self assured that it is almost laughable.  How do we know everything that is in the rice and that we strip out of rice?  And how do we know that we have put everything back in and in a bioabsorbable form?  That is human arrogance.  


Look at white rice compared to natural rice.  


It is a different color, something is different.  [Some people say color reflects the vitamins.]  Taste the two rices.  They taste different. White rice is bland; natural rice tastes kind of nutty.  Something is different.  [Some people say flavor reflects the minerals.]  Mother nature knows best.


Many people take calcium supplements.  Some good may be gained, but in the main these are not bioabsorbable, and we eliminate it in our waste.  You are not designed to assimilate rocks.  [Vitamin D is important in absorbing calcium.]


Cows do not take supplements, but their milk


is calcium rich.  Calcium is available in plant life, which is bio usable.  Maybe we should be thinking more natural and looking to calcium rich plant foods that provide calcium naturally.  Nature’s way is the most fitting way.


Supplements for vitamin D may do some good.  But they are not the same thing, not as good as the natural way of having vitamin D.  

Supplement your vitamin D with judicious sun therapy.  It is natural.  It has all the right things in it.  It is for sure bio-usable.  
[This reasoning would also be applicable to artificial lamp phototherapy.  It may do some good.  But it is not the same.  When possible, natural direct sunlight is preferable.]  



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