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What are some benefits of Vitamin D from Heliotherapy?



Sundry diseases


Researchers have found Vitamin D to have great  potential benefits in many conditions; although they remain more or less speculative, they deserve a look see.  Here are some benefited conditions.


Neuromuscular function –


Osteoporosis of course increases the risk of fractures. Falling often breaks bones, and vitamin D can improve with both brittle bones and fall breaks.  A 2004 five randomized clinical trials concluded that vitamin D increase reduces the risk of falling by 22%; most of the participants were women.  Who knows why that its, but it was an interesting observation.  A 2006 study reported that a 700 IU increase produced a 46% reduction women falling but this was not observed in men.


The protection was greatest in the older women, who are less active; the difference between men and women may result from differences in physical activity, muscle size, or diet. The strange finding may be because vitamin D binds to receptors in muscles.  This can cause improvements in strength and balance may account for the benefit.


Low Vitamin D levels have been shown to have a relationship to persistent and otherwise unexplained muscle and bone pain, and some patients have been helped by raising their level.  There is a place for judicious sun therapy in this.  


Multiple Sclerosis –

Several observational studies seems to have connected high consumption of vitamin D related to a reduced risk of multiple sclerosis.    This might be a call for heliotherapy in such situations.    


Cardiovascular disease


Vitamin D some say function as an important factor in vascular health.  They associate osteoporosis with an higher coronary artery disease risk.  This is particularly noted with low blood levels of vitamin D coronary artery calcification.


There have been animal studies concluding that vitamin D has a role in regulating blood pressure,but a 2005 Harvard analysis could not duplicate that link in humans.  That study was done with artificial supplementation.


As research has shown with vitamin E that the natural form helped heart disease and the science lab “equivalent” did not work and even caused other problems.  Could it be that natural vitamin D from the light of day work?  The “equivalent” is not always equivalent.  


Low levels of vitamin D appear related to an increased risk of stroke and congestive heart failure.  There is some research that noted a reduction of inflammation with congestive heart failure.


Other disorders


Diabetes –  Researchers relate that diabetes is helped in animals with animals.  There is a protection function seen.   A little natural sunlight certainly could not hurt as a preventative against diabetes, but who knows on this one.


Arthritis – The Framingham Heart Study data showed researchers that high levels of vitamin D corresponds to reduced risk of arthritis in the knee.


Lung Health – High vitamin D levels are connected to better lung function, a stronger immune system, and an enhanced ability to fight off certain infections, such as tuberculosis.  


Psoriasis – Vitamin D treatments been approved to treat psoriasis.

All these vitamin D benefits seem to scream at us to GET SOME SUN, heliotherapy.


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