Why do I prefer not to ask about what is wrong with the person having augmented reconnective style healing (ARH) sessions?

I always understood that principle, as I was taught by Dr. Eric Pearl. But I have seen this principle at work.

An N.D. doctor friend recomended a lady come to me for a session. She had lukemia and lymphoma. The N.D. through herbs had gotten her bad numbers to fall. But the N.D. thought augmented reconnective style healing sessions might be a helpful add on. The lady did not want and had refused chemo.

So, I was thinking general cancer. The universe/God had different ideas. [I guess the herbs were taking the cancer in the right direction. But it is not my concern what the universe/God decides to heal.]

In the session outside of my intention to deal with a generalized cancer, her right leg began to go crazy. Her hips began to move strangely. I did not think much of it at the time, as you know often people have strange movements during an augmented reconnective style healing session. But it was noted as profound.

After the session she told me that 20+ years ago she had broken her back. This left chronic nerve problems, pain down the leg into the foot. And often she had to use a cane.

How did the universe/God know that that was where the session needed to go? I would not have gone there, did not know about it even as it was happening.

She said her back related problems seemed to have gone away. There was no pain any more.

Maybe the session helped the cancer too. Who knows? And I do not consider it. If so great.

Except you become as a little child … I just must be the witness as I stand by in the healing session. Do not expect just accept.

I wonder how many times my intention to deal with this or that has interfered with what really needed to be done. So, I generally prefer not to know the apparent problem.

[Of course, sometimes the problem is obvious and I can well put it out of mind as I attend the session.]

She told the N.D. later that it was a profound difference in her back and leg. She was excited about the healing session and amazed with all that happened.

See now the page please on augmented reconnective style healing and the page on axiatonal lines. Check now also the other pages. I can also do distant healings and have profound results. I also have pages on pendulum healing and Eeman healing. Interesting. Rune magic has been successful for me. In distant healing I use it sometimes. Check out the page on rune magic.

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Thank you.

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