Why is it so hard to get to my spiritual goal?

Normal humans are spiritual beings trapped in a physical body. It is when we experience ourselves beyond the physical body that the spiritual reality becomes easy. We all struggle with this.

When we think of ourselves as spiritual in a physical body, the door begins to open. Here is a tip. What ever happens to you physically, do not take it at face value.

For example, if something bad happens do not think, “Oh, woe is me.” While that is natural at first, set it aside and ask a spiritual question. Say maybe, “What are you [the universe or God] trying to tell me?” You are now looking at the spiritual side rather than the physical. [You should ask the same question when something good or even neutral happens to you.]

I had a lady, for pastoral counseling, come into my church office many years ago. [Of course there are many details not here.] She had had a very young child die. She told me that God was punishing her because she was not living her life right. [Without her husband knowing, that child was the product of an on going affair.]. And then she lapsed into “oh, woe is me” talk. [understandable to go there]

I did not believe that God was punishing her. But for her spiritual growth, I put my belief in my pocket. I asked her a spiritual question, “So you think this happened because you are not living right. Well, what are you going to do with that important message?”

I reminded her of King David in the Bible. His spiritual conclusion in a parallel situation, the loss of a baby boy, was “He can not come to me, but I can go to him”.

She broke off the affair and changed her life. She took her story of loss to many grieving parents in an overcoming grief ministry and did herself and others great good. She had found her calling and spiritual path rather than viewing this life as a physical path.

She showed that the goal of spirituality is not the bliss that is often transiant. What ever goal you may have is not the goal. The path is the goal.

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Why is it that most people who win the lotto are broke in a year? They do not ask upon winning the spiritual question, “What are you [the universe or God] trying to tell me?” They just become the “prodigal son”. They look to their greeds rather than their needs. They have their goals, not seeing that the path is the goal.

When we see the path as the goal and set aside our goals, we are well on our way to awakening the SPIRITUAL being in a physical body.

See now my page please on readings and blessings, because as you can imagine there is more info.

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