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What about Guardian Angels and your Spirituality? Pt. 2


One place we often miss the boat

a missing the boat

on this is when suprising good things happen to us.  Our spiritual growth gets lost in happiness.  We do not consider the guardian angels.  


There are two words that need explanation here, happy and joy.  These are not strictly speaking the same word in content.  In English you can see the meaning of happy.  The root of the word is hap.  That is the same root in happenstance and happen.   Happiness is related to what is happening around or to you.  This is a word of a transient emotion.


If you are all into happiness, you are in the fleeting pleasure moment. It will end.  You have very little.  It might be a respite from a mundane life, but it is of little lasting benefit.  As soon as the circumstances change, so does your emotion.  There has been no spiritual growth.


When something good happens to you, whether you are spiritual or not, you will experience HAPpiness.  That is not a bad thing, but it is not joy.  Happy does not deal with your spirituality.  It is visceral.


In the Greek language the word joy shares the root xar with the word grace.  Joy is related to that which is given from the other side, the spiritual side of life.  This is a gift that once given and received is not transient.  It may or may not include happiness, but it always includes the spiritual.  Once given and received, it promotes spiritual growth.


So the question is are you seeking happiness or are you seeking joy?  Are you praying for something that will bring you happiness or are you praying for something that will bring you joy?  The question has to do with what you are seeking.  If you are not paying attention to the possible messages

a town crier

from the guardian angels, then you are living your life on the visceral level.  You are seeking happiness.  


If you are paying attention to the possible messages of the guardians,

a watching sunset

then you are moving into spiritual growth.  You are seeking joy.  The typical Greek greeting and blessing was grace and peace.  It was a wishing you joy greeting.  


While you can not be happy all the time, depending on your circumstances, you can be joyful no matter what happens around you.  This is spirituality; this is grace and peace.  The key to this is not to live your life in a series of visceral reactions.  


This is where the epicureans got it wrong.  They were confusing happiness with joy.  They believed that life is a series of fortuitous events.  And as you hedonistically ride the waves of fortune, you are spiritually fulfilled.  There is no peace only the desperate grasping for the next wave that comes along, the next drink of wine, the next sex act, the next bite of flavorsome food.   


While these things may not be wrong of themselves, they become addictions.  You become a drunkard.  You become a sex addict.  You become obese.  Why? … because it is all about looking for the happy visceral reaction.  The drugs that once brought the happiness have not brought peace.  So you must increase the dosage.  There must be more because there is spiritual emptiness.  There is no peace, and you grasp for more, and more, and more.


I realize that this is an extreme example.  But this is what is going on when you live your life grasping for visceral happiness.  How many of our prayer have to do with wanting of something that will bring us happiness?  How many of our prayers do not include the thank you for the messages in all that has happened and will happen, the messages that will lead us to joy, the messages of the guardian angels?


This may be why a person marries in the heat of passion, and when the honeymoon is over, it is over.  At best he lives a mundane unhappy life taking the partner, who has given him the gift, for granted.  At worse, she divorces and grabs desperately for the next hot flash.  And the cycle repeats.  


Life becomes like a gambler.  


He takes his money to the game looking for the buzz of winning.  Then he may have a good night.  But all his winnings are put back on the table looking for the next hit.   


I had a gambler tell me he hit one time $25,000.  When he left that night, he was $100 down.  I told him that he had not won.  He had lost.  You see he gave up the gift for what might be the next visceral hit.  He did not consider what he had been given, figuratively the message.  There was no growth.


The spiritual person does not act viscerally.  He seeks the angelic message and adjusts his life to it.  He thinks beyond happiness.  He move toward joy, grace, and peace.  


I knew a lady whose daughter and son-in-law hit the lotto.  This is a good thing.  They were very happy.  Who would not be?


They ran out on a spending spree.  [There is nothing wrong with taking some of the money and having some happy time.]  They were like a kids in a candy store.  They were getting all the things that brought them happiness.   


They were looking for the buzz of visceral happiness wrapped up in things.  Then as soon, or even before,  the honeymoon was over with that new thing they bought more things.  They bought the big house.  They bought the luxury car and that was not good enough.  So, they took the car down to a plating company and had the door handles literally plated in gold.  And on and on they spent.   


In six months they had nothing.  And not only that their chasing-happiness-dog had a tail.  Then the taxes came in on the big fancy house, and of course they were higher than high.  The large house utility bills were high.  The taxes came due on the high dollar car, and they were higher than high.  The insurance on the mansion came.  You guessed it, unbelievable.  The insurance on the expensive car was the same.  Because the house and car were so expensive, they could not sell out from under the results of their visceral happiness quest.  And they had no jobs because they had quiet.  


If they had asked for the guardian message and waited until they they perceived the path that had been prepared for them when they won,  how different would their life have turned out?  They would have been set up for life.  Instead, they were impoverished and in debt.  Then they were bankrupt.  


It was like the story of the prodigal son in the Bible.  There happiness sought

a prodigal son happiness

turned to ruin.

a prodigal son ruined

They ended up moving in with her mother.


When good things come your way, do not seek the happiness, [have some yes].  Seek the message and do not make any major choices based on that good fortune until you uncover the message.  The door will be provided for you to look through and see the path of deliverance, the spiritual path.  Walk that way as the angels directed.  There are guardian angels who have prepared the way for you.  Thank you.  


This is the flip side of the old Texas Hill Country saying,  “Do not make big decisions on blue days.”  Do not make visceral happiness choices at the time of good fortune.  Measure you steps by the message given.


The Bible tells us that God hath given [perfect past tense, has already been done and the results remain] us all things that pertain unto life and godliness.  This truth parallels the work of the guardian angels, where we are here talking about physical salvation from problems, dangers, and health issues and about spiritual life and growth.   


When anything good or bad happens, whatever, already the angels have prepared the message and a way of escape if there shall be one.  The only issue is will we look for the message and follow the path directions.  The message will always be understandable to the one given, if he looks and considers.


To the masters of spirituality, everything has a message.  [I so often forget to look for the message.]
The guardian angels often unseen are a wonderful blessing to the attentive believer in them.    

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