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11. Botulism in Garlic Oil


Garlic in oils adds flavour to your dishes, but be careful when making them at home.


Botulism can spread when in foods that aren’t exposed to oxygen, and garlic is one of them.  There are documented cases of people becoming sick after consuming homemade garlic oils.  You can not tell if it is there just by looking.  To be safe when using homemade garlic oil is to make small quantities and use it fresh.


12.  Health Usage Suggestion


Let Garlic sit if you intend to use it in a dish.  Crush or mince it before your planned usage.  This allows the alliinase enzymes a chance to start working. When you change the temperature or pH, you prevent this enzymatic working. So give it a breather before putting it in food or heating it. This can diminish health benefits.  And surely you want to get the full health benefits of garlic.



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